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Kitty Dave by lilcedessama Kitty Dave :iconlilcedessama:lilcedessama 1 0
Mature content
Darkness Everywhere :iconlilcedessama:lilcedessama 1 0
Mature content
Your mine tonight :iconlilcedessama:lilcedessama 5 3
Mature content
Never thought I see you again :iconlilcedessama:lilcedessama 8 15
Mature content
Protect I Will :iconlilcedessama:lilcedessama 0 0
Got burned on my back at work by lilcedessama Got burned on my back at work :iconlilcedessama:lilcedessama 0 3
Mature content
UU x TT :iconlilcedessama:lilcedessama 7 4
Mature content
Karkat buys a slave :iconlilcedessama:lilcedessama 6 1
Mature content
Gamzee is the Master :iconlilcedessama:lilcedessama 51 48
Mature content
Karkat the Master :iconlilcedessama:lilcedessama 3 5
Mature content
High Karkat :iconlilcedessama:lilcedessama 17 16
Mature content
This Strider aint no Chicken :iconlilcedessama:lilcedessama 8 3
Mature content
Blackrom in Yellow and Purple :iconlilcedessama:lilcedessama 19 15
Dirk cares about her
▼: Roxy gave a discontented sigh, wriggling around in her sheets; no matter what she tried, they just felt like rough paper and were totally unsuitable for sleeping under. This hospital wasn't too bad, she supposed, the doctors were trying to do their best to help her and at least it didn't stink of old people. What she didn't like though was being encased in this room, with one large window that only offered the view of the car park and the eternally empty bed opposite her, waiting for someone to finally take rest in it. Deciding that she had finally had enough of these god awful bed sheets she swung her legs back on top of them, resigning to the fact that she would have to sleep later. She was just about to turn on the television and settle into a night of terrible tv when she noticed that someone had opened the door to her room, and looking up, she gave a little wave to the figure in the doorway: "Hey there!" ((
:iconlilcedessama:lilcedessama 1 0
Mature content
The Mysterious Grub :iconlilcedessama:lilcedessama 20 9
Planning bday gifts for John
▼: omg yes this is the bestest day ever in the history of ever
▲: Why is that little bro?
▼: becauseeee its johns birthday and i have him the coolest most ironic gift ever
▲: And what would that be bro?
▼: -- turntechGodhead [TG] sent timaeusTestified [TT] a file: CATSWEATER.jpg
▼: that
▼: that atrocious sweater
▲: Ahhhh
▼: its amazing because his pops will make him wear it because its the "respectful thing to do"
▲: Your horrible dave....just like how a strider should be
▼: ahah arent you proud of me
▼: youve raised a monster
▲: Hey give him a smupuppet
▼: ...
▲: I can make a blue one for him
▼: ...okay sure whatever
▼: ...
▼: okay so i want him to feel uncomfortable not completely freaked out
▼: which is what those things do to people
▲: Well its either that or one of your broken swords, and as derpy as that kid is I dont trust him with a sword
▼: ahaha yeah h
:iconlilcedessama:lilcedessama 1 0


Love's Fate Hidan V3 Pg 19 by S-Kinnaly
Mature content
Love's Fate Hidan V3 Pg 19 :icons-kinnaly:S-Kinnaly 106 52
Love's Fate Hidan Pg1 by S-Kinnaly Love's Fate Hidan Pg1 :icons-kinnaly:S-Kinnaly 194 13 Love's Fate Hidan Pg 21 by S-Kinnaly Love's Fate Hidan Pg 21 :icons-kinnaly:S-Kinnaly 134 33
KakuzuXYou fanfic.
In the morning you were awakened by a loud knock on your door. You ignore it and pretend to sleep, it's quiet for a minute then they knock again, louder. You groan, "Go awaaaaaaaaaay!" you yelled tiredly. You hear a sigh and the door opens, so much for going away, Kakuzu walks in the room and you pull your blanket over your head but it's yanked away.
"Get up." he says, you whine a bit and he sighs again "Get up." he pauses, "and get dressed." He threw your akatsuki coat onto your bed beside you "I'll leave, be out in twenty minutes, no more."
"God, Kakuzu! I don't want to go on a damn bounty hunt with you!" he ignored you and walked past you. You realized it was useless to argue, so you just got dressed and put on the akatsuki cloak. Stopping to look in the mirror and do anything else you needed to do to get ready. As you walk out of the room Kakuzu was waiting for you.
"That was twenty-FIVE minutes. Not twenty."  He said in his usual cold voice, he starts to walk, "Follow me
:iconidenticaldestruction:identicalDestruction 6 7
You Can't Fight The Homestuck - Lyrics
John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, ascend, descend, rise up, abscond
Jade Harley, Dave Strider. They all play Sburb and end the world,
Harelquin, Nanna, Bro, Mom, Dad, Youth Roll,
Grandpa, Pester chum, Hella Jeff and Sweet Bro.
Heat and Clockwork, Wind and Shade, Frost and Frogs, Light and Rain,
Vagabond, Mendicant, Renegade, consorts, and denizens,
Skaia, 413, Countdown to the Reckoning,
Derse and Prospit, Carapaces, Pogo Hammer, Sassacre,
You can't fight the Homestuck.
Though it's weird and random, it's the greatest fandom.
You can't fight the Homestuck.
True it's quite outrageous but it's so contagious.
Jasper's secret, Davesprite, Casey, Mutie, doomed timelines,
Good dog, best friend, Jack causes many people's end,
Black Queen, Nak Nak, stuffing corpses, shoosh pap,
Robot bunnies, midnight crew, H3Y COOLK1D 1S TH1S YOU?
Lil' Cal, babies, ecto-biology, apple juice, Pupa Pan, Nick Cage, city of cans,
Doc scratch, SnOwman, I warned you bout those stairs man,
God tiers, March drag, who even is
:iconkoujakulation:koujakulation 54 11
Mature content
Purely Accidental//Kakuzu//Lemon//Reader Insert// :iconjeelynasaurus:Jeelynasaurus 95 32
Kisame One Shot
It was raining,and it was cold...two of your least favorite things in the world combined.You were in a really bad mood,and it showed in your every movement,and in every facial expression you made.Your mission had been to capture that Sasuke kid and bring him back,but that hadn't turned out so well.
It had ended in defeat,and now you were miserably soaked in rain water,and freezing from the bitter,cold wind.You sighed in a mixture of frustration and relief as you reached the Akatsuki Hideout.One the positive side,you'd finally be out of this miserable rain,but now you'd have to listen to Pein's constant nagging and Itachi's stupid rant about how she "lacked hatred".
As if she hadn't heard that hundreds of times before... and now you had to hear it once again...
Why did that Uchiha kid have to be so strong?Why couldn't you have taken him down and gotten it over with.She gave another frustrated sigh.You couldn't face the other Akatsuki members right now...It was just too much.You sat down
:icontobi-the-grim-meeper:Tobi-the-grim-meeper 11 13
Kazekage!Gaara x Reader: The Sky is the Limit
You were the mystery kid. Nobody knew about you, nobody truly cared. When you went to school, it was just another day to get harassed by everybody, and the people you sort of hung out with. Today, your friends were blabbing about how the Kazekage was the hottest being on Earth. You were the abnormal one, after all, not liking what everyone else liked. Sand followed you wherever you went, and your father never knew why.  
Today was just the ordinary. Since your father was a trusted advisor and general of the Lord Kazekage, Sabaku no Gaara, you ate alone. Your father never came home until late hours.
~Time Skip: a few hours later~
“Oh, welcome back Father,” you said as you bowed to greet him.
“Hello, (name), I have some good news,” your father said with a bright smile on his face, “tomorrow, the council and the Lord Kazekage himself have let me bring you in to see what our meetings are like. But be careful; do not speak of this to anyone. You will be ca
:iconmargaretvevo:margaretvevo 350 61
Surprise Surprise: Sasori x Reader
Surprise Surprise: Sasori x Reader
Dedicated to my dear friend Karina, since she always got Sasori when taking quizzes lol.
You were a Konoha ninja sent to deliver a message to the Sunagakure. You had been venturing out for about one and a half days and you were tired. It was about three in the afternoon and you were also hungry. You took out an apple and some bread and sat under a tree, enjoying a small lunch.
After a few minutes of eating, you see a tree across the way with what looked like a redhead teenager napping. You took your food and tiptoed across the branches to see who it was.
It didn’t look like anyone you knew, though. He had a black coat and a red cloud on it.
You knew immediately it was Akatsuki. You contemplated whether or not to attack him.
”I just don’t feel like it’s right to attack him like this,” one side of you thought.
”But If I do attack him, I’ll get rewarded, but it will go against my way of life
:iconmargaretvevo:margaretvevo 182 60
Bath: Orochimaru X Reader I
Warning: Contains Profanity, Enjoy!
"Hey! Are you ok?"
You heard a faint voice say. The warm, soft grass taking the place of cold, unfeeling water caressed your skin. You could feel the sun ablaze on your body, making it dry quickly. You struggled to open your eyes, but to no avail. It was practically impossible to move, but its fine. You weren't drowning and it felt so good with a light breeze sweeping over you.
"I think she's dead" The voice says.
Another voice, a semi raspy, deep voice, began to speak.
"Good that'll make this allot easier."
"…What? WHAT? Nononononono I'm not dead!" You thought "Make WHAT allot easier?! Oh my god oh my god oh my god-"
You could feel yourself being hoisted up onto someone; their shoulder crushing your abdomen.
"Oh cra-"
You had blacked out. Slowly you opened your eyes to be greeted by a dark, stone room. Colorful beakers and viles lined the dark gray wall
:iconcreepersinyourcloset:CreepersInYourCloset 222 65
Mature content
Demon reader x Sebastian trouble maker prt2 lemon :iconkingdomhearts1313:Kingdomhearts1313 95 44
Mature content
Sebastian x Reader x Undertaker Ch4 [LEMON] :icontianhuifan:tianhuifan 483 207
Mature content
7 demon's lust Sebastianx ReaderxCiel :iconoo0ryuuheartsyou0oo:oO0RyuuHeartsYou0Oo 73 144
.:So You Like Pussies? SebastianXReader:.
Birds chirped in the distance as you polished the silverware that never seemed to get use anyway. A cool breeze swept though out the room from a nearby window. Bringing with it the smell of white roses and oak trees.
"well all done here...." you stood up and put away your supplies. Humming to the rainbow monkey song you walked down the hallways of the Phantomhive mansion you tried to recognize some of the paintings around you.
You were the newest addition to the Phantomhive estate. So naturally you being the slightly day dreamy girl you were got lost............ a lot. They really should give you a map.
"lost once again I see miss. [y/n]?" a smooth voice whispered in your ear. You let out a squeal and almost slapped him with your bucket of cleaning supplies.
"Sebastian don't do that, you just about stopped my heart!" you panted as he peered into your flustered face.
"oh my apologies miss.[y/n] that was not my intention I only meant to bring you back to your appropriate area." he explai
:iconoo0ryuuheartsyou0oo:oO0RyuuHeartsYou0Oo 322 106
6 demon's lust Sebastianx ReaderxCiel
The air was cold and damp, something had changed. You could see your own breath in the dim lit room. Sebatian's red eyes pierced their way in you. He had a smile, at least what seemed like a smile. Sharp teeth showing their glory, white skin contrasted with black hair seemed to stand out more than usual. You couldn't move. You were frozen. Sebatian's voice was different. You wanted to say something but your throat was dry and all you could vocalize was a small murmur. Sebatian made his way over to your figure. Your breath became heavier, the air became thicker. Sebatian moved his fingers over your lips, cupping your face.
"Why are you breathing so heavy ___?" he slowly moved his hand to your neck making your heart beat faster.
You were sure he could feel your pulse in his hand. You almost didn't breathe at this point. You didn't know what was going to happen. This Sebatian scared you. It was as if something switched bodies with him. He seemed more aware of you, like a child playing wit
:iconoo0ryuuheartsyou0oo:oO0RyuuHeartsYou0Oo 276 142
Mature content
Sebastian Michaelis x Cat Demon! Reader (LEMON) :iconyukinoceres:yukiNOceres 872 292


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Hey everyone who is watching me...if you guys still are...hehe I know I haven't been on much lately and haven't posted much stuff, a lot of shit has been going on in my life but im better now I created a new account heres the link


im gunna be posting on that one now, I have a few ideas for some naruto stories I want to put up here so im gunna upload the info/intros of each story and let you guys deicded by number of comments which story ill work on first ^_^ sound like a plan? good :3

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I am 21 years old, has a bf <3, he's a fellow co worker, hehe I love to play video games. I have 11 piercings. I work at McDonalds. I actually like it there. SOMETIMES xD It be crazy there but I have peeps there that make me smile and laugh xD I am saving up money so i can go move out and get my own place with to3o. I love my friends their great. ♥ Im a otaku but more towards video games instead of anime! Is gamer, and a writer, I write stories, fanfics and one shots especially lemons ://3...yes im a pervert just like Kakashi Senpai <3
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My Family o3o
My Sister :iconkitsuniefoxwolf:
(credit for dan vs stuff goes to :iconcarmelizamobius: )

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